Tell me you don’t want one!

Fun chat that Nick recorded for his First Wonder Kickstarter campaign.


Had a fun time at Eureka Fest 2015.  They’ve posted an interview of my fireside chat on stage with Eureka Founder Peter Polydor.

Cloud Gaming Conference

September 27, 2015 — Leave a comment

Just arrived in San Francisco for the Cloud Gaming Conference.

Popping over to TechShop this afternoon.

I really love the idea of Thunderclap, where you get your social network to agree to support a project or idea, then ALL the accounts are timed to tweet/post at the same time to create a Thunderclap of interest/press.

A friend (Nick Bruty of Rogue Rocket games) is giving it a try with his new game “First Wonder” and I’m supporting him to see how well it works.

Join me!


The detail is incredible!


Find out more here: ars technica


TED Speech for the Month

September 18, 2015 — Leave a comment

I go to the TED conference each year and I will try to take the time to put more of the really surprising talks into my blog, to save you having to work through hundreds to find them.

One time Tony Robbins was asked to speak, I can’t remember if he was on the planned list or an impromptu addition but he delivered a very memorable speech which ended with a standing ovation.  One thing to notice was just how brilliantly he got himself extra time to speak, which is almost impossible at TED.  It’s a great glimpse of the artform of public speaking.