I’m SUPER EXCITED about the new Arduboy! This I think is the best way to learn to program computers, to start by modifying games and then to make your own. It’s way more fun than starting with “Hello World” like every long-winded book offers. As a freebie, you also get to learn about controlling electronics in the process. If you have a kid, get them one of these and spend some time playing with it, there are a TON of free games online to start with.


CEO of VYRL.co

July 3, 2017 — 3 Comments

Hehe, you can never guess what’s next…  I think that was the secret to our Earthworm Jim game all those years ago!

I like to keep things interesting, when starting Gaikai with my co-founders Rui & Andrew I knew nothing about high-performance computer networks, so had to learn fast. I built our first USA server on my dining room table and remember driving to Los Angeles to place that server into a rack. Gaikai was launched. Fast-forward a couple of years, we had found an amazing group of team members and leaders and we had built one of the fastest networks in the world.  I was in Brighton, England to give a speech and was handed a Guinness World Record for the network.  Sony then bought the company. I have to say it’s changed my mind forever on what we can accomplish if willing to embrace new challenges and learn new things.

What did I learn from this?

#1 Our investors were incredible, they stood behind us every step of the way, even when we had very aggressive competitors.  I could write paragraphs on just how much respect I have for the investors that supported us, I learned so much from them.  I feel the same way for the seed investors that have supported VYRL.

#2 Our Gaikai team evolved an amazing culture and that came from the incredible team members we somehow were able to find and get to join us on the adventure. When you’re the CEO of a company, it changes everything when you walk into a room or give a keynote speech and know that the team behind you are rockstars.  These people can make what seems impossible possible, they jump every hurdle placed in front of them and they make the job really inspiring.  I was in tears when I gave my final goodbye speech to my team.

#3 Selling your company can be a good thing.  It was 1+1=10 at Sony. PlayStation is the best place to play and I’ve known most of the executives since they started at the company.  The passion, quality and vision has been rock-solid and if you read my two previous blog posts, I don’t think there’s a future for the video game industry that doesn’t include Cloud Streaming.  Sony has so much experience in this space now, that’s going to be tough for anyone to compete against.

#4 If you have a company idea, don’t talk yourself into not trying it.  If you are very passionate about the idea, then just start climbing the mountain.  Companies fail when they stop climbing, or when they get lost in the fog, just keep climbing.  A friend of mine Lloyd Charton took Rui and myself to Mt. Whitney when the trails were treacherous, and we just started climbing, I had a thousand reasons to stop, but we just kept climbing, at points I was being held to the mountain by a single finger, but we kept climbing until we stood on the summit.  That passion to complete the project fuels me.

#5 What do I do in my spare time?  I keep learning.  We made an indie movie starring my daugher (as a mermaid) in a movie called Scales: Mermaids are Real. 6-10 year old girls seem to like it, and it won “Best Family Movie” at a local film festival.  We then signed Global distribution deals (hard for indie movies), it was released in AMC movie theaters and is now on all digital services like iTunes, Amazon Video etc.  It’s fun to know making movies is really just a case of going and doing it.

SCALES on Amazon

#6 Keep your mind wide open.  I’m on the Board of Trustees at my Daughter’s school, I do all I can to help students with entrepreneurship as it’s changed my life.  I met Jason and Cade from VYRL, they were also there helping the students by giving a case study on building a real company.  I was asked to help advise the students to consider the possibilities for the company, and just like Gaikai it made me realize this is yet another massive space I need to learn about.  Advertising is the backbone of Google and Facebook, yet it’s changing and there’s definitely room for innovation.  So I’m about to drive to VYRL’s office and start climbing the mountain.

I’m going to be hiring full-stack web developers and web architects that can build multi-dimensional social graphs that don’t exist today.  I’ll need advertising sales people that have direct connections to lifestyle brands, and I’ll need millions more influencers around the world to join us.

Wish us luck!


Well there you go…  Two of the top CEO’s the in video game industry talking about streaming games…  Today it’s Yves from Ubisoft.

“Streaming will totally change the way we create and play games, and will again positively disrupt how we think about gaming.”

Find the interview over on GameIndustry.biz here:


Saw a really interesting interview with Andy Wilson the CEO at Electronic Arts, he’s someone who I have a lot of respect for.

As you can imagine this part brought a smile to my face…

“If you think about every form of entertainment media that we have, the one thing that’s been most disruptive is streaming. Books to your Kindle, TV through Netflix, music through Spotify. It’s changed everything. Ownership, engagement, and it’s absolutely changed the enjoyment model. There are lots of things that are going to change. Scale, in a networked world, is extremely important. You are going to have to have the core digital platform, the engine, the talent. At the core, you’re going to have to have to be able to get experiences to players at any time, anywhere, on any device they own. Streaming tech is going to play a really big part in that.

Andrew Wilson – Full Interview on Glixel.com

Updated: July 29, 2017

Another interview:

“For many of those things, we actually think the time horizon is about five years-plus, but things like cloud and streaming we believe is in the 2-5 year time frame. When we think about subscription, we’re already seeing return from that and the combination of that with streaming in that 2-5 year time horizon could be very meaningful in terms of revenue addition for us.”

Andrew Wilson – Full Interview on GamesIndustry.biz


The 6th Annual IEEE GameSIG Intercollegiate Computer Games Showcase
is providing student game developers the chance to present their best
student developed video games for judging by an elite panel of video
game industry leaders.

Come out in support of your favorite colleges as student development
teams go head-to-head for school pride, bragging rights, and this year’s
GameSIG Cup. Finalists will demonstrate their games for a growing
number of students, alumni, and sponsors representing Orange County’s
internationally renowned video game industry.

This year’s showcase will be held at California State University,
Fullerton, CA at the Titan Student Union pavilions A,B & C. Free Parking in the
State College parking structure (SCPS) adjacent to the Titan Student
Union. Park in # 36, and walk to # 31 on this Campus Map at:

Following the showcase enjoy a reception featuring local gourmet food
trucks, game demonstrations by the student developers, and networking.
Put on your game face and come to cheer your favorite school, watch
demos and play games. Click here to RSVP for Free tickets.

The public is invited to attend the annual intercollegiate competition
among the major universities of Orange County and the surrounding area.

* 12:30PM – 4:30PMCompetition Among The Chosen (Finalists)
The greatest student game developers in the SoCal Empire’ universities
will compete for honors on the Big Screen before our panel of Local
Game Industry Leader judges in an American Idol format. Each Student
Game Developer Team will have ten minutes to shock and awe the judges.
* 4:30PM – 6:30PMReception & Game Demos (food & play)
We will have a casual game demo session, networking, and reception.
The audience (you) will have the opportunity to get some hands-on time
with the games created by the finalists and semi-finalists, enjoy
refreshments, and network with industry professionals.

Warning: Seating is limited. RSVP for Free tickets here:

Apple has posted a really cool page on how to use the iPhone Camera system better.

Well worth a look:



Woodworking is tough as it’s easy to start a project, really difficult to get it over the finish line.  (It’s just like the video game industry!)

So, I (on impulse) decided to make a wooden bench at the William NG – School of Fine Woodworking.  It can’t be that hard, right?

What’s 3D joinery?  Well, by my count there’s over 30 different wood surfaces that all need to align absolutely perfectly, all simultaneously touch to get everything to fit together.  Let’s just say it’s a 30+ dimensional problem. If you get it right, you don’t even need glue!  (I needed a lot of glue!)

The instructor insisted that all the joinery HAD to be done with traditional Japanese hand saws and hand chisels, so imagine starting some of the days knowing you have 6 hours of hand sawing!  (It took 4 days to make it.)

Let’s just say, I know how to saw now. I’m pleased how it turned out.

PS. Woodworking is interesting to me as I’ve pretty much led a digital life, so either my grandchildren will need to be happy with my old Powerpoint’s and Excel Spreadsheets, or I’d better learn to make something physical!  (That they would maybe want.)

So, that’s my challenge to you, if you are also just going to leave a digital footprint!