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After over 30 years in the video game industry, I’ve somehow become a games industry investor and am now waiting for some returns!

In the meantime, I’ve moved my focus over to eCommerce. (A $5.5 Trillion industry in 2022.)

We love the idea that brands get very excited when they get their products into more and more retail locations. So we decided to create technology to do the same thing for brands online.

If brands want to get their products into lots of online stores (free awareness forever), or if they want complimentary products to sell in their store from other cool brands, that’s what we provide.

A simple example?  “You sell bicycles online, but not helmets?” You can add helmets today from your favorite helmet companies on Carro, increasing your average order value. Do you need gloves? Bike locks? etc.

Both companies win on Carro, the helmet company gets additional sales (zero marketing cost), and the bicycle company improves its margins.

Over 31,000 Shopify brands have installed so far! They have over a million products. 😊

eCommerce is fun!

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