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Carro is an innovative e-commerce platform designed to empower online retailers and suppliers by creating a seamless partnership marketplace. The platform addresses the critical needs of every brand—increasing sales and raising brand awareness.

A Two-Sided Partnership Marketplace

Carro facilitates a dynamic two-sided marketplace that connects Suppliers and Retailers. Suppliers are product manufacturers who want to increase their product’s visibility and sales by partnering with online retailers. Retailers, on the other hand, are online store owners who wish to expand their product offering and meet their customers’ diverse needs.

This mutually beneficial partnership leads to increased average order value (AOV) and customer lifetime value (LTV) for the Retailers, while Suppliers enjoy boosted sales and heightened brand awareness.

Revolutionizing Wholesale with Virtual Inventory

Carro’s partnership technology eliminates the need for traditional wholesale by allowing Retailers to access the Suppliers’ inventory virtually. This approach eliminates up-front costs, financial risks, and the need for guessing which product variations will sell best. Retailers can now test products, create temporary pop-up collections, and stay on top of current merchandising trends—all without incurring additional expenses.

Sharing Savings and Redefining Wholesale

Carro’s unique model saves the lost margin typically wasted in traditional wholesale by ensuring that wholesale prices are only paid after a product has been sold. This saved margin is then shared between the Retailer and Supplier, creating a modern and efficient approach to wholesaling and merchandising.

AI Merchandising and Celebrity Partnerships

Carro takes merchandising to the next level with AI-powered recommendations that help Retailers optimize their product offerings for maximum revenue. Additionally, Carro enables partnerships with celebrities and social media influencers, further expanding its network of potential customers.

Affordable, Transparent Pricing

Carro charges a modest 5% fee on new sales generated through the platform, which is effectively split between the Retailer and Supplier. Additionally, Carro offers subscription plans tailored to the level of support a brand needs to accelerate growth.

Investor and Celebrity Support

Carro is backed by an impressive lineup of investors, including Paris Hilton’s Investment Company 11:11 Media and PayPal Ventures.

Breaking the Drop-Shipping Stereotype

Carro is not just another drop-shipping platform. Instead, it fosters real partnerships between genuine brands, with Suppliers shipping products directly to customers and Retailers avoiding any physical logistics.

Integration and Expansion

Carro currently works with the Shopify e-commerce platform and is expanding its integration capabilities to other major platforms such as Adobe Commerce, WooCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and BigCommerce. An API is also in development to facilitate transactions with unlimited amounts of brands and partnerships in the future.

Get Started with Carro

To learn more about Carro and how it can revolutionize your e-commerce experience, visit, or reach out with any questions at

To install Carro in your Shopify store, visit

For additional or technical information, check out the FAQ section at

Hehe, it’s so fun to watch all the major video game companies getting behind Cloud Gaming.  Makes me so happy.

Xbox Cloud Gaming

March 17, 2018 — 3 Comments

Reading Verge (one of my favorite tech websites), they are reporting that Cloud Gaming is finally getting embraced by Microsoft as well.

I remember when we started on the Cloud Gaming journey several tech directors went on record saying it would be impossible.  (So much so it was scaring investors.)

Today it’s not only possible, it’s following the path of all other media, where convenience is not to be underestimated.  YouTube made watching videos easy, Netflix made watching movies easy, Spotify made listening to music easy, why not games?

If we’ve learned one thing from free-to-play games, saving time is actually the most valuable thing to people, and gaming itself can’t avoid this paradigm.

Our vision at Gaikai was very simple, we wanted every game ever made, available on every possible device, instantly.  We were acquired by PlayStation when big companies like Samsung & LG decided to buy into the vision and so I still consider it inevitable.

It’s fun to watch the space evolving.

(Photo by James Bareham / The Verge)


Made a music video!

November 15, 2017 — 1 Comment

So my daughter Emmy wanted to recorder herself singing a cover of the song “Sorry” by Halsey.  (By the way the latest Halsey concert was really great!)   So our friend producer Brandon Jung recorded her in his studio, and I brought my video camera.  I did the edit using Adobe’s Premiere Pro.


Just came across this review of my book (via by Johnn Four on YouTube.  He really brings up an interesting point I’d never considered, that all the lists in there could help with tabletop games as well.  Thanks Johnn will keep that in mind when we do the Second Edition.  🙂


Here’s a video look at the book’s index.




Our new company builds technology for Influencers, so last night the team decided to work late to help Casey Neistat, he’s raising money on eBay for Puerto Rico and so we built a page to help track the progess in realtime.

So please help Casey if you can:



I’m SUPER EXCITED about the new Arduboy! This I think is the best way to learn to program computers, to start by modifying games and then to make your own. It’s way more fun than starting with “Hello World” like every long-winded book offers. As a freebie, you also get to learn about controlling electronics in the process. If you have a kid, get them one of these and spend some time playing with it, there are a TON of free games online to start with.

Anamorphic Images

March 29, 2016 — Leave a comment

I’ve always been a fan of Anamorphic Images (and murals), this video is the best demo I’ve seen yet.  People have painted images as big as entire villages now.



March 20, 2016 — 2 Comments

If you suffer from procrastination, this is the video for you, thanks to Tim Urban.


It’s fun to find some research that is technically very cool, but that will also (no doubt) generate a ton of really funny YouTube videos in the future.

Warning: Very “tech”.  (So it’s OK to skip to see the progress they have made.)