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I’m amazed how the Internet Archive continues to grow.  They even have the PC Aladdin Video Game in there.  (I programmed the Sega Genesis version that it’s based on.)

Press ENTER when it asks for the word from the manual.

NOTE: The Emulation was a bit slow/jerky on my PC.

Disneys Aladdin 2

CURSOR KEYS to move.

Space  = Jump

CTRL Key = Swing Sword

ALT Key = Jump

Cool to see Aladdin still getting remembered…

FIVE people have been hired from the gamer community, and now we are about to add two more. Just demonstrate your ability to take on a big task and deliver.

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The first details emerge for Project: TOP SECRET from Acclaim. Including the Genre of the game.

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Did an interview on Fargo’s Fileblog @

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