March 24, 2007 — 10 Comments

An email will go out to the people that have signed up to tell them the top secret forums are live.
It’s going to be a busy weekend!
We are making a few last-minute tweaks, but come on in and lets get the party started.

10 responses to TOP SECRET IS LIVE!


    Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!


    Then I found out I can’t get onto the forums for love nor money rofl. Overloaded? or still not live?
    Refreshing email as fast as it’ll let me.
    Thanks for coming up with this crazy competition Mr. Perry. It really is going to be a long weekend for a lot of people. Let’s hope the forums can handle 100000 people! XD
    I really should get working on my coffee machine PC case mod (tap the heat from the HS to warm the water or use HS to keep mug warm).


    Oh my, I’m still logged in as Anonymous! What the hell ! I knew it 🙁


    Finally ^^


    Well I have posted this in the DP forum as well as contacted acclaim. There appears to be an issue (atleast for me) tryong to connect to any of the acclaim forums from the UK. If anyone else has an issue with this, please run a netstat -a with only your web browser running while tryong to connect. then try a tracert to that ip address. Hopefully a common factor will appear?
    I hope eveyone is having fun in the TS forums and I hope to join you soon.


    Hey, I don’t seem to be getting any of the emails for Top Secret, nor can I access the forums. When I go to, I just get the introductory speil and:
    You are signed up!
    You will recieve an email
    in less than two weeks.
    What’s up?


    where I send the ideas???
    I’ve already think, put in paper, pass to PC, now is only send… what I do?


    Excited to contribute my ideas but can’t get on the forums..
    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in E:\phpbb\topsecret\db\mysql4.php on line 118
    I think you’d be much better going for VBulletin or SMF over phpBB.


    Got the same problems as biggles
    i havent received an email,means i cant join the project?i can get on the forums,so a bit confused 🙂


    I’ve found the problem that might have caused this problem. (It occured to me too)
    There is a page in your profile where you can set your email address and you can set if you allow the company to send you mails. Surprisingly it is set to “don’t” by default. After I set it to the other way, I was able to click on the Community button at the middle top of the main page.
    You may find a copy of the original welcome letter on the forum, so you didn’t miss anything.

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