Blog: 3/23/2007

March 23, 2007 — 1 Comment

Wow what a BIG day.
Started off with a conference call with my attorneys about the business model for It’s locked and loaded now, so I’m still on target for the launch at the Game Investment Conference, May 9th. If you’re in a professional development team and want investors/publishers to consider funding your games without a ton of legwork, just sign up at:

Last night I got a new build of DANCE ONLINE and gave it a good play. There’s still some little glitches here and there, but nothing worth stopping our second wave of testers diving in. (Open Beta.)
So it’s got my approval! Acclaim just has to turn on the help system, ranking system and a few other things at the server end, then they can post the new client.
Expect that in just a few days! Watch closely for it as it won’t get announced right away. So my Blog readers should get a bit of a scoop and head-start here.

I also got a new build of 2Moons (open beta) it’s due to launch next week, but there’s still a few issues that need fixed before I approve it. Will keep you updated.

Regarding Top Secret, I’m done editing the forums. (I’m sorry for taking so long.) It’s got my approval also!!! So Acclaim just has to link it up to the website (tonight) and you’ll be able to get started posting your ideas this weekend.
Anyway that’s the update so far today!

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    I can not wait to post in the new forum and to see what comes out of all the ideas this dec-feb.

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