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March 22, 2007 — 3 Comments

I zipped out to catch 300 in the movie theater first thing this morning.
Bloody fantastic, with an emphasis on bloody. 🙂
I would gush on (another blood reference) but I would have to include spoilers, so I will talk about some of the stuff I wish they did another time. It was almost one of my favorite movies.
If you have an IMAX theater anywhere near you, go see this movie.

Here’s a link I just found on MTV.COM it’s my opinion on Free games, recorded at the Game Developers Conference 2007.

Just had a conference call with our Dance Online development team in China, they’re making it happen over there! It’s looking like Open Beta for Dance Online could be as soon as Sunday or Monday. This is stage two in the testing cycle, with some new things unlocked, new music etc.

Been editing away on the Top Secret Forums. There’s a LOT of information in there. It’s taking me ages to edit it all. Heck it’s 1:24AM now. I’m getting tired.
I think I’ll keep working on it in the morning.

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    Sounds like you’re working your butt off. Guess I’ll have to keep my impatience for Top Secret in check. 🙁
    Has there been a lot of response to the request for forum mods? I’d rather do the game design but if you need a mod I’ll help out. 😉


    Good to hear someone else likes 300, it got mixed reviews by my mates last night. I loved it though, Frank Miller’s comic was done proud by this film.
    We’re all impatient to get on with top secret but we all want it to be right when we start so in the mean time i’ll be mostly driving cars and re-playing Daley Thompsons decathlon (spectrum version). Daley, the 20th century verson of a spartan. When real men had moustaches…like Magnum..rofl.
    Keep up the good work!


    I just googled your name and found your site. so this is my first comment to you 🙂
    anyways i signed on to dance when it was first announced and have testet it (with a small break for 5 weeks)and i am very glad to hear that we might see the next step in testing out everything.
    about the super secret forums. i signed on to them a little while ago, i cant wait to be accepted(if i am accpeted ofcourse) i cant wait to show of my skills in game creation.
    from paper to monitor is one of the most exciting things to follow.
    good luck with your projects

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