Blog: 3/21/2007

March 21, 2007 — 5 Comments

Got back from San Francisco at 3AM. My plane died, I couldn’t get my car out of the airport (nobody on duty etc.) Nightmare!
Up now.
Just did a phone interview for the Guardian in the United Kingdom. I guess they’re starting podcasts and I might be the first one?
I also did a podcast with BusinessWeek Online just now, so that should go online sometime soon.
Everyone is HAMMERING me to get the Top Secret forums live. So I think I will wrap that up today.
I’m personally going to announce a pretty cool prize as well. I’m going to hire someone out of the Top Secret team really fast to join my personal development company. So real video game job #1 is going to happen shortly after launch.
That’s the bottom line, we will expose talent and I expect a lot of people to get hired by different companies. I guess the first hire will be much faster than anyone expected.
Oh, before I finish, I had dinner with Mark Cerny (Crash Bandicoot/Ratchet & Clank/Resistance Fall of Man, Lifetime Achievement Award at GDC etc.) and Tim Schafer (Day of the Tentacle/Full Throttle/Psychonauts etc.) Really cool designers, and a really fun dinner. I wish I was up in San Francisco more often!
For now, I gotta go. Got a new build of Dance & 2Moons to test and also I’ve got to get the forums approved.

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    Thats awesome , about time to see the forums up.
    Nice new contacts too ^^ Marks Crash Bandicoot was a total hit on PS1.


    I can not wait to hear about this when its out of top secret status. Let the COMPETITION BEGIN….


    Neat, can’t wait to hit the Forums.


    Wow you are lucky to meet so many well known designers. Also, like everyone, I can’t wait to begin working on the game. I feel, for once, that I have the chance to shine and help for a big project – that means alot for me.


    It’s good to see the British press finally taking the games industry seriously, I just read the BBC article regarding the money involved in MMo’s.
    It’s a shame that games still don’t translate into having a decent tv show though. One can only wish.
    I too can’t wait to get onto the Top Secret project. It’s truly going to be an original experience!!!.
    Peace, Amblin.

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