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March 19, 2007 — 4 Comments

Finally got booked up to see the movie 300.
It’s averaging 8.3 out of 10. How good is that? The first Matrix got 8.6. So I’m impressed already!
I also love the stat that there are 1,500 cuts in the movie (I mean editing, not with a sword) and 1,300 had some kind of visual effect. (Wow!)
Look at the interest curve rising the entire duration of making the movie through launch. (Off the scale!)
I’ve been DYING to see it, but with the Game Developers Conference, the Game Connection Conference, Top Secret, TED etc. It’s amazing that I just can’t get the time to sneak off and watch it.
So what I’ve done is to book up Thursday at 11AM. There will be NOBODY there and it’s going to be shown on the IMAX screen.
If that doesn’t blow me away, then nothing will.
I’m going to be offline a lot on Monday, as I have meetings up in San Francisco. So I’ve packed my socks and am ready to hit the airport.
My new business cards are a major hit at the airport, metal detectors love them, they set off the alarms and I end up getting dragged out of line. But I still like them.
Anyway, it’s a travel day Monday & Tuesday. Should be back online Wednesday.

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    I have too many movies to watch. And your business card is in metal?! That must have cost a lot.


    Awesome. You’re a bit like Batman with those! Watch how you throw them out at people. 😀 😉


    On a related note, here is an article about Top Secret for those interested ;


    If this was the movie American Psycho, the guy that plays the new batmen (Christian Bale, IMHO best actor of the new generation) would kill you for having those cards 🙂
    Anyway i wonder if other game developers have to travel as much as you do? Because men, you are on the road, alot!!!

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