Playdom buys Acclaim

May 19, 2010 — Leave a comment

I’m really happy to hear Playdom has bought Acclaim, I spent the last few years there as the Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder. Acclaim bet early on the future of free-to-play (before it was accepted in the West), and also bet early on the future of digitally distributed (only) online games.
We learned a lot, researched a lot, and now Playdom has bought the company.
Congrats to Howard and Neil for closing this deal! Congrats to Playdom as these are very talented guys.
Because of my Acclaim experience, I really discovered the need for frictionless gaming, being able to try a new MMO with a single click. Why? As Chief Creative Officer, I very commonly would get 10 new MMO games to try in one day, at one point I was tracking 400 of them! Spellborn was a great example with a 3.5GB download.
It’s tough to install all those games from all those companies and get them all running, as many were in beta etc. So that’s why Gaikai really got my attention.
That said, I do miss working with the Acclaim team and wish them and Playdom the best.

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