Gaikai server building has begun!

May 16, 2010 — 4 Comments

The latest Intel 6-Core CPU’s have started to arrive in batches. All our Gaikai servers are hand-built with great love. So it won’t be long before you’re checking out streamed games (completely for free) on these amazing chips.
Gaikai Server CPUs - Small - May 2010.jpg
The latest Nvidia Video Cards have also started to arrive in the warehouse, over 300 at a time.
Gaikai Server GPUs - May 2010.jpg
Our goal is to let you play games using our hardware, so anytime you want to check out a new game it will take just seconds to get it going, and it costs you nothing.
Better still, if you decide to buy any games, the game publisher & developer get 100% of the revenue. This we hope will motivate publishers to really support the idea of letting you try all their games with no friction (no download, no install, no pain and no revenue split needed.)

4 responses to Gaikai server building has begun!


    Awesome! Can’t wait till launch!!! 🙂


    I can’t wait to play on the servers. I can’t wait until they get all setup with InstantAction and start the streaming service!


    This is gonna be good. How long till launch!?


    Reason to believe why Onlive will fail. Can’t wait to play 😀

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