Interplay 2008 (It’s coming back!)

March 11, 2008 — 2 Comments

I can’t tell you how many times people ask me “Will you make another Earthworm Jim Game?” or “Will you make another MDK game?”.
The answer is YES, someday. In 2005 I reformed the core original Earthworm Jim team (Nick Bruty, Mike Dietz, Doug TenNapel, Tommy Tallarico), we got the rights from Interplay and we actually started work on the game.
Bad timing however as Atari couldn’t afford to fund the project and instead started to focus on how to sell off their teams and properties, that’s when I resigned.
Interplay is run by a guy called Herve Caen now (from Titus a French publisher) and he bought Interplay from Brian Fargo, after Brian bought Shiny and the rights to these properties.
So Herve is clearly supportive of there being new Earthworm Jim projects and I hope MDK makes a comeback too. Nick Bruty has his own company now called Planetmoon and I hope that if Interplay does fund (or allows a new game to get funded) they get Planetmoon to do it!
Anyway, I’m excited to see their new website (image above) and to know that Interplay is coming back! 🙂

2 responses to Interplay 2008 (It’s coming back!)


    That’s rather exciting, Interplay made a lot of the games I used to enjoy back in the day, will be interesting to see what happens.


    That’s really good news! I hope we will see very soon a new Earthworm Jim game (grooooooooooovy!).
    I did not know Interplay was bought by a French guy… but after all, vive la France (sorry for my patriotism)!

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