Fantastic Pitch by Paul Barnett!

September 5, 2007 — 6 Comments

Wow, what an amazing job at a pitch.
It gets it all done and he clearly loves what he’s doing.
Nice one Paul!

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    I love his enthusiasm, and I feel that he kept it light hearted enough to capture the audience well, very well delivered. But I entirely disagree with what he actually said.
    I saw this video a few months back and at the time I was highly anticipating and interested in Warhammer Online, this video killed my enthusiasm, I’m not even going to try the game now. The whole back half where he talks about the game seeping into every aspect of your life, especially outside the game, scared me. The whole hobby aspect he spoke of makes me feel like this game is going to be even worse the wow on the level of commitment needed to really enjoy the game. I have a job, a girlfriend, and school. I barely find enough time to play an hour a day much less have it be an all encompassing hobby.


    Last week Paul and Jeff Hickman (also from WAR) showed off the Elves, and Paul tried to explain what he meant by “lardee-da posh english people”. The American, Jeff, presents how all games developers do, which really shows how lame it is in comparison to when Paul butts in with his views of the same topic.


    I think you misunderstood his comments. He wasn’t implying you HAD to let the game into your life, he was meaning that it is so much fun (ihho) you will want to talk about it and tell your friends. Not that you had to do lots of other things.
    The generally accepted view of “Immersion” is that you spend your whole life playing it, to the point of losing your accounting job, ala WOW. Paul’s view of Immersion is that you find yourself doodling little images of your character on your office accounting sheets in the middle of a meeting. Big difference.


    You know what I liked about his presentation, was even though you could hear that his voice was about worn out from talking all day, he was so full of Energy and passion for what he was working on.
    It got me interested in the game and previous to me watching this I had put it on my ‘maybe check it out if I get the time between other blockbusters’ it just moved into the ‘gotta get it openinng day – n lets see if I can get in the Beta’ slot!
    Great Job selling the game, I’m hooked!
    Zak -Out.


    Another one that’s been doing a good job is Jade Raymond for Assassin’s Creed. She does her interviews in French sometimes. (Impressed me!)

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