Went to the Simpsons 400th Episode

May 9, 2007 — 1 Comment

Today, EA demoed their Simpsons Video Game during the party for the 400th Episode of The Simpsons television show. (On the Fox Studios lot in Los Angeles.)
I had my camera phone with me, so I grabbed a few shots for the people that read this blog.
Classic tourist shot!
This is the “New York Street” area of the studios, and it was filled with people and all kinds of food, drinks etc. Saw some good friends from Electronic Arts there.
Here’s Matt Groening introducing the 400th Episode to the crowd. (It was really funny and I won’t spoil it for you!)
This naked Homer shot was on the invites and also appeared on the big screen.
Here’s Matt speaking to the video game press. The writers spoke to the press also and were really funny, they’ve done an amazing job on the video game.
Anyway, it was a great party! (I wish more game companies threw parties this cool!)

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    dang, I wish I could be there, can’t wait for the game

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