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March 18, 2007 — 2 Comments

As far as Top Secret goes, my team is making their final pass on the forums now.
Then I have to do one more pass and we are done.
Oh, I almost forgot… I saw a crazy Korean movie the other day called “The Host”. I had no idea it would be as cool as it turned out to be. Yes there’s issues, but heck, you gotta check it out. Really nice creature design, and you bust out laughing during the movie. Thumbs up for me.
Today is Mother’s day in the UK. Thank goodness I remembered! It’s tough to track as my Mother lives in England and they have a completely different Mother’s Day than we do here in the USA.
One of the fun things with being a dad is you get to go to Children’s parties. Now that (to most adults) is a considerable form of torture. Kids running everywhere screaming and fighting over stuff.
Then a fire truck shows up!
It’s for the Birthday party I’m at… Cool!
Interesting interface design. (OK, I’m a nerd!)
“Let me explain a fireman game!” (I’m all ears?)
You set off a fire extinguisher…
Then knock the fireman hats off the plastic cone!
Well that was fun for about 8 seconds.
Actually the kids loved it. So the next time you have to buy someone (even an adult) a Birthday present, send them a fire truck.
Actually there’s more to this than meets the eye….
I think it’s important if you make video games, you still need to keep your mind “young”. You need to be able to let your mind go, to have fun, like a child would. If you ever find Toy’r’Us boring, then all hope for you is lost!
A few years ago (before all the arrests etc.) I met Michael Jackson at Neverland. I was really quite blown away when he handed me a trash-bin liner to put over my clothes. (Yep David, “Poke a hole in the top and put it over your head.”) He put his one on, he wasn’t joking. I’d met him for all of 3 minutes at this point. He then announced we would have a giant egg fight. I saw staff walking around with piles of eggs and I kid you not, someday when people go through his home movies, they will see me running around his garden throwing eggs as if my life depended on it (like a scene from Braveheart!) It didn’t start out that way, I found it quite hard to really let go, I’m almost 40 years old now, Egg fighting? But I swear it’s somewhere in your DNA and you can get right back into it.
I saw Michael do many more things like this, even in private moments when he didn’t know I was watching. He really was incredibly fun.
So when you get a chance to take a ride on a fire truck, take it. As for eggs… Easter’s coming! So stock up on bin liners and “don’t aim for the face.”

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    Hey Dave!
    I saw ‘The Host’ a couple of days ago too! I thought it was pretty cool the way the monster was so up front in your face, it wasn’t just a shadow in the background and it didn’t just flick on screen for a fraction of a second….I thought the CG work done on the monster was incredible, probably on my list of favourite movies now…


    Today is father’s day in Portugal! (got my dad a nice bottle of fine 18y old scotch).

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