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March 17, 2007 — 3 Comments

Just got back from the premiere for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.
It happened up in Los Angeles at Grauman’s Chinese theater. A pretty impressive event as Warner Brothers was running it, and they had a GREEN carpet for the VIP’s.
It was St. Patricks Day so I don’t know if it was an Irish person that booked the carpet, or if it was for the Turtles?
Everyone was given a headband to wear, a great idea, but then everyone was in disguise! They had a table full of Turtles games on Xbox 360, PS2 & Wii, just handing them out. Some guys were grabbing hand fulls of them, so expect to see a ton pop up on ebaty tomorrow. I was given the Xbox 360 version, then the lady stopped me to say that the Wii version was better, so I grabbed that instead. Not had a chance to play it yet.
The movie was really cool and the Turtles are definitely back, I just can’t imagine that they won’t do a sequel, they certainly hinted Shredder will be in the next one. The CG was cool, the visual effects were cool, the music was fantastic. It was pretty serious inter-personal stuff and I’m not gonna ruin it for you so that’s all I’m saying.
The Turtles are important to me personally for many reasons:
(1) It was the first #1 hit game I ever made.
(2) It was the first licensed game I ever made.
(3) My attorney represented the franchise creators from back when it first got going. (Peter Laird / Kevin Eastman.)
(4) The Writer/Director of this movie is Kevin Munroe, he used to work for me at Shiny! Check out his artwork on the Wild 9 game, and the R/C Stunt Copter game. Yes, he went from video game artist to Hollywood Director! I’m super proud of him!
(5) The team Kevin uses also are ex-Shiny. Today I chatted with Tom Takana (worked on Earthworm Jim with me back in the good old days) and I also said HI to Doug Cope. Tom and Kevin always did make a cool team, so it’s great they are still together after all these years.
(6) The toy company that makes all the Turtles toys is called Playmates Toys. The head of that company is based in Hong Kong, (Thomas Chan.) HE was the dude that funded Shiny when it first got started back in 1993. (Small world or what.)
Also at the premiere for the movie I bumped into Jason Hall (the other tall guy in the photo below), he was the head of Warner Brothers Interactive (when I worked on Matrix) and recently set up his own movie production company. He was also the President of Monolith, so is a respected developer as well as a business guy.
So we decided to grab a photo for the blog. (Yes I’m Irish, so I get to represent for St. Patricks Day.)
Jason Hall, Kevin Munroe, David Perry.
So if you’re a Turtles fan, check the movie out, it’s really good stuff.
By the way, it went straight to #1 in the Box Office!

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    Aha, I just red your entry on Wikipedia and…I thought you were like in the 20s on your last photo, but in fact, you are 40! Never judge a book by its cover! 😛


    Could this be, a guy in the game industry that is taller than dperry!?
    TMNT is also big for me, i still have a couple of turtles (they are 15yold and used to be 4, so i guess Leonardo and Raphael died in my story), plus it was the first movie i ever saw on a movie theater, i found out a couple of days that i have this in common with a friend form college. It’s also the reason i eat so much pizza, etc…
    I would go see it anyway, it’s nice to know that it actually does not suck (like the new animated series i don’t like it) I will definitely check it out wend it comes out in my country next month.

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