David Perry directing new MMORPG! (Updated)

August 9, 2006 — 3 Comments

Yes, it’s true… My GAMECONSULTANTS.COM company is working really well. The proof? Well, I’m now directing my first MMORPG game! (Along with some of my key – top secret – consultants.)
The first game is called 2Moons and it’s a pretty massive project.
MMORPG.COM has an audio interview.
Firing Squad has a written interview.
ACCLAIM.COM is where you can sign up to track it. (And get on the BETA!)
What’s this all about?
I met a team in Korea that I really liked, so I’m working with a Korean designer called Mr. Baek and he and I are collaborating on a mature-rated MMO game targeted for the American Market!
There will be more details in the coming months…

3 responses to David Perry directing new MMORPG! (Updated)


    Cool….and I knew it was coming eventually that Dave would hit the MMO world.


    Awesome! Good luck with the game 🙂


    I’ve been praying for this game to come out for North Americans. Do your best!

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