FT New Media and Broadcasting Conference

March 7, 2005

FT New Media and Broadcasting Conference
March 07 – 08, 2005
Does mass media exist any more? As personal media devices and online technologies transform content consumption and interaction, media companies struggle to maintain control over when, how and why their products are used and consumed.
Today, customer fragmentation is the most important trend and challenge across all media platforms. Making profits from the â??audience of oneâ? is the strategic mantra for survival and success.
At the FT New Media and Broadcasting Conference in depth sessions will focus on the transformational role of new media technologies to include broadband TV, mobile TV, 3G and broadband satellite, and their potential to disrupt or sustain the business models of established media platforms.
Speakers from across the digital spectrum will discuss how they are benefiting from exciting new opportunities for content innovation through partnerships with the fast growing video games industry and with the digital industries of emerging markets such as China, as well as from establishment of dynamic new businesses and revenue models for the age of the audience of one.