DeVry: Bachelor’s Degree in Game Programming

February 22, 2005

One more option for young people looking to get ahead in the industry — DeVry University now offers an accredited bachelor’s degree program in Game and Simulation Programming. There’s a few differences with this program that make it stand out from other programs we’ve seen:

  • Locations — DeVry offers the program in four locations — Phoenix, AZ; Fremont, CA (Bay Area); and Alpharetta and Decatur, GA (both near Atlanta).
  • It’s a complete degree — As part of the program, DeVry offers courses in Communications, Humanities and Social Sciences. It’s 127 credit hours, and takes two years, 8 months to complete.
  • Scholarships and financial aid.

Contact Matt Holmes at DeVry (1-888-298-6885) for more information.
And do your own research — formal training programs aren’t always the best options. And there’s no substitute for getting involved on your own time with the oodles of free tools and resources available on the Web right now. But I don’t think the day is very far off when graduates of these types of programs start becoming commonplace in the industry.