The XGameStation Video Game System Development Kit

January 30, 2005 — 5 Comments

David Perry

I started developing games over 20 years ago, in high school. Back then, we did all the programming, art, design, audio, testing, etc. We did everything! It was fun and it’s an incredible rush when you realize that you’ve taken complete control over the system you’re developing for.

The problem for me was that I had little-to-no help to learn, and I had to struggle constantly with very dodgy development systems. I just can’t believe how lucky developers are today, with so may free tools on the Internet, so many books, so many classes in colleges popping up around the world, and now (thanks to Andre) you can even have your own personal development console at home! (Heck, he’s even making a community for people to share their progress and what they learn!)

The XGameStation unit is perfect for beginning game developers.

All I can say, is seize the opportunity, learn, try, network & enjoy! You will learn a lot about yourself and your abilities as you attempt to get a game going. You can bet that this machine alone will trigger some hiring, when game companies see just how passionate and dedicated and talented you are. This console will give you that chance to show your ability.

I predict Andre will be getting thank you letters in the future from people who not only realized they now love making games (via their XGameStation), but that ended up with a professional game making career!

My first professional job for was $5,000 a year. In 2002, my company, Shiny Entertainment, sold for close to $50 million. Thank goodness I got started (even when the going was tough!). I would have KILLED to be where you are now!

If you’ve ever thought of making games professionally, and you want to stick a toe in the water, if you want to see how games get made, I can’t think of a better way than this.

Some of you will thrive, some will fail. For the ones that have the passion, I sincerely look forward to playing your games! in no way affiliated with this hardware. The XGameStation unit was purchased by the author.

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    Dave, instead of this weird commerial device, I recommend better buy old 8bit ZX-Spectrum or C64, or 16-bit Amiga/Atari computer. Its a MUCH better solution, there thousands of brilliant games on this old computers. This is a perfect way to disassemble games, poke/patch game code, and wath what is going on! Even possible programming for spectrum/c64/nes/snes/sega without real hardware, using emulator, nevertheless real hardware is a fun.


    I have to agree with Alex. I still find endless joy writing little games in Basic for my old Amstrad 6128 Plus. Also the emulator idea is great. I have written games for the GameBoy Advance using devkitadv for the Gba, emulated on VisualBoyAdvance.


    Why shouldn’t I just go buy a NES/Dreamcast/XBOX/PC/Amiga/etc.? I can develop games for them too.
    Of course you can. You can develop games for any system. First of all, the XGS is not primarily about game development– it’s about learning how to build game hardware. Second, no other system on earth comes with a complete eBook explaining to a hardware novice how it was built from scratch in clear, practical detail. If all you want to do is develop games, then buy whatever system you want. But if you really want to learn how to build your own video game system, the XGS is the only way to go.
    excerpt from Xgamestation website FAQ.


    I am 17 years old, I plan on going to college for gamer designer, but I don’t know what school to go to. I live in Los Angeles, CA. Which school do you think is the best?
    Thank YOu
    Matthew Santos


    I have an idea on making a video game system please e-mail me… and I will tell you, I want to know what collge I should go to think about making systems thank’s,

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