G.A.M.E.S. Synergy Summit

January 26, 2005

G.A.M.E.S. Synergy Summit
Orlando, FL
January 26 – 28, 2005
The G.A.M.E.S. Synergy Summit™ brings together forward thinkers and doers from the Government, Academia, Military, Entertainment and Simulation fields, to focus on the convergence of interactive games, immersive entertainment and simulation techniques and technologies. Researchers, developers, users and policy makers from these synergistic sectors will together explore beneficial uses of these technologies in a variety of potential non-entertainment applications for educational and medical institutions, governments, militaries and commercial entities.
This international summit provides a nexus where best practices, lessons learned and future needs are shared through expert speakers, panel sessions, technology demonstrations and case studies. The Synergy Summit strives to create an atmosphere of collaboration, and to help bridge the differences in terminology, culture and processes that often exist between different communities of practice.

  • Pre-Conference Workshops (on Wednesday, January 26th) provide educational in-depth looks at game development tools and techniques, government contracting and financing approaches, and interdisciplinary development.
  • Keynote and Plenary Sessions highlight key issues and challenges at the intersection of the G.A.M.E.S. disciplines, and provide shared context for the discussions to take place during subsequent panels, case studies and working groups.
  • The Bridge Sessions bring together individuals from three or more disciplines to address common issues in business methods, models and opportunities; game research, learning theory and education; and development technologies and techniques. Bridge keynotes by renowned experts provide unique insights and visions for the future.
  • Interdisciplinary Working Groups identify and address key issues, commonalities and strategies, and report recommendations for future actions.