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Very Happy that our UK gamers get to help us test PlayStation Now, if you want to help you can sign up on this page:

We’re giving selected PlayStation Plus members2 who own a PS4 the chance to be among the first to experience PS Now – and you could be one of the lucky participants.

The UK private beta trial kicks off on PS4 soon and, for the initial stages, it won’t cost you anything to take part, so register your interest now and you could be selected to be on the front line of a gaming revolution.

I’m from The United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) and got my big break as the Government placed BBC Micro computers in school.  We also had Research Machines 380Z, 480Z, a Sinclair ZX81 and an Acorn Atom.  Access was great and many students became computer scientists.

I’m so happy the UK is going to repeat this experiment, just don’t know why it took over 30 years to make the decision! Article

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