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Gaikai – Video Demo

June 30, 2009 — 30 Comments

Our Gaikai team has been working really hard for the last year, we demonstrated our tech privately at GDC, then LIVE (hands on) to most of the major publishers at E3.
For the people that visit my blog, I wanted to flick through some demos and show the experience under the following conditions:
(1) No installing anything. (I’m running regular Windows Vista, with the latest Firefox and Flash is installed.)
(2) This is a low-spec server, it’s a very custom configuration, fully virtualized. Why? To keep the costs to an absolute minimum. We had 7 Call of Duty games running on our E3 demo server recently.
(3) Data travel distance is around 800 miles (round trip) on this demo as that’s where the server is. I get a 21 millisecond ping on that route. My final delay will be 10 milliseconds as I just added a server in Irvine California yesterday, but it’s not added to our grid yet. (So this demo is twice the delay I personally would get, the good news is I don’t notice it anyway.)
(4) This server is not hosted by a Tier 1 provider, just a regular Data Center in Freemont California. Also, I’m not cheating and using fiber connections for our demos. This is a home cable connection in a home.
(5) We don’t claim to have 5,000 pages of patents, we didn’t take 7 years, and we do not claim to have invented 1 millisecond encryption and custom chips. As you can see, we don’t need them, and so our costs will be much less. 😉
(6) We designed this for the real internet. The video compression codecs change in realtime based on the need of the application (or game), and based on the hardware & bandwidth you have. (For Photoshop we make sure it’s pixel perfect.)
(7) Our bandwidth is mostly sub 1 megabit across all games. (Works with Wifi, works on netbooks with no 3D card etc.)
(8) If you hear any clicks, they are coming from my wireless headset microphone. I won’t use that next time I promise. 🙂
(9) I made a few video cuts using Windows Movie maker to cut out dead air. Like Need for Speed has far to many menus with loads & delays between them. So I tried to keep the pace up so you see plenty of demos
(10) I keep getting asked what operating system we use. We are completely OS agnostic, some demos come from Linux, some come from Windows and will ultimately support streaming from MAC servers too.
Publishers, you know how to contact me if you want to be in our Private Closed Beta. (There’s no work involved.)
Investors, just ping me on if you feel you can add strategic value to this project.
Service providers, we have all our needs covered, but if you want to contact us for some reason, again just use
Gamers, we want closed beta testers, especially if you live in California, so please sign up at Please add a note that you live in California.
We are not in competition with any other streaming company or technology, our business model is entirely different. I will be talking about it more during my up-coming speeches at video game conferences. (Develop this month, and GDC Europe are the next two.)
Our goals are really simple, to remove all the friction between hearing about a game and trying it out, to help reduce the cost of gaming, to grow video game audiences, to raise the revenue that publishers and developers can earn, and (most importantly) to make games accessible everywhere. If the iPhone App store has taught us anything, when you make it easy to check things out, you get a billion downloads.
I look to sites like, I made a list of their most popular Flash games and just that first page of hits had 61 million plays on it. There are an estimated 20,000 Flash game sites on the web. That’s a TON of players looking for great content! We can supply all that content with a single click.
The professional games industry has never had acess to those countless millions of clicks, but now they do:

Gaikai Technology Demo (JULY 1, 2009) from David Perry on Vimeo.

Backup Video Link
Faster Video Link – NOT HD
Eurogamer did a technical review of OnLive and really beat them up, and they offered to review our tech. So we embraced this, and here’s the article: CLICK HERE
(They also get into the business model a bit.)
We are listening to the questions, and our next video will cover all the key points.
I will be talking about the tech at Develop, we don’t have UK servers set up yet, but we do have an offer… The top 4 publications (by audience) that contact us can come and try our tech (first hand). We just need you to be within driving distance of Amsterdam or Irvine, CA. We simply want you to be able to say with complete confidence “it’s real!”
Thanks everyone for the support! This blog video has been watched over 100,000 times now on YouTube and Vimeo!
If you want to sign up for the beta, here’s a direct link: CLICK HERE.

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