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Really happy to see the FCC standing firm on Net Neutrality.

You can read the entire thing here:

Thanks to Game Politics for the link.

Enjoyed watching the first episode of Powers yesterday.  It was a little more “edgy” than I expected but the potential is there as the range of powers possible is unlimited.

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Ben Heck blew me away when he started to tear apart a ZX Spectrum.  This is UK hardware yet he was able to completely rebuild it into a new form.  I was so amazed!  It’s the kind of stuff that really inspires me to want to learn more about electronics.  I have Arduino but this is a another whole level of expertise.

Image of Handheld ZX Spectrum.

Handheld Spectrum made by Ben Heck.

He did it in 3 stages:




It seems impossible, but Cloud Gaming let’s you put console quality games everywhere. Today we announce Facebook.

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Kickstarter is turning out to be a great way to get very special video game related projects funded.

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I’ve been in the industry 30 years now and piracy is just as alive today as it was back then.

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What an amazing year of new titles coming up. Can’t wait!

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Video Christmas Card

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From Viewpoint Creative, it’s got to resonate with the creative artists out there!

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WARNING: IT’S VIOLENT – But towards the end it’s got cool game character cameos!

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Truly engaging advertising.

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