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March 20, 2016 — 2 Comments

If you suffer from procrastination, this is the video for you, thanks to Tim Urban.


This is a really interesting talk about betting on design.  Can you solve what sounds impossible through design?



March 5, 2016 — Leave a comment

This was a surprisingly enlightening talk by the CEO of Uber (not a sales pitch).  Worth a cup of coffee, enjoy.


Climate Change?

February 28, 2016 — 2 Comments

I keep getting asked if I believe in Climate Change.  The timing is excellent as Al Gore just did an update on where we are actually at now.


TED 2016 Drone Demo

February 20, 2016 — Leave a comment

This was a pretty impressive demo at TED this year.




TED Speech for the Month

September 18, 2015 — Leave a comment

I go to the TED conference each year and I will try to take the time to put more of the really surprising talks into my blog, to save you having to work through hundreds to find them.

One time Tony Robbins was asked to speak, I can’t remember if he was on the planned list or an impromptu addition but he delivered a very memorable speech which ended with a standing ovation.  One thing to notice was just how brilliantly he got himself extra time to speak, which is almost impossible at TED.  It’s a great glimpse of the artform of public speaking.

I was in the audience and sadly they didn’t capture everything he did, but the guy and the experience he delivered was incredible.

It’s fun to see people like Takaharu Tezuka thinking outside the box.  This is a re-think of Kindergarten.


This was the most surprising talk at TED 2015. It seems like a talk on Flags has the potential to be boring and so it just shows the power of a really great presenter.  Enjoy!

Roman Mars is obsessed with flags — and after you watch this talk, you might be, too. These ubiquitous symbols of civic pride are often designed, well, pretty terribly. But they don’t have to be. In this surprising and hilarious talk about vexillology — the study of flags — Mars reveals the five basic principles of flag design and shows why he believes they can be applied to just about anything.

This talk at TED 2015 really impressed me.  Bamboo is not the easiest wood to work with but when you see what people can do with it, it’s incredible.

This talk by Elora Hardy shows the potential of making beautiful structures from some of the fastest growing material in the world.

You’ve never seen buildings like this. The stunning bamboo homes built by Elora Hardy and her team in Bali twist, curve and surprise at every turn. They defy convention because the bamboo itself is so enigmatic. No two poles of bamboo are alike, so every home, bridge and bathroom is exquisitely unique. In this beautiful, immersive talk, she shares the potential of bamboo, as both a sustainable resource and a spark for the imagination. “We have had to invent our own rules,” she says.

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