Streaming Games (via Gaikai)

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We stream professional 3D games to any device that can accept live video and that transmit controls back to our server. The games run on our servers, so you’re actually experiencing video served directly from really high-end servers.
We will be demonstrating many many more games, genres and devices over the next 12 months.
What is Gaikai?
Think of it as a new trial service for video game companies. You can try state-of-the-art games before they are even launched, launching with one click from ANY website (for free), without having to download or install them.
We plan to make it effortless to check out lots of games, on whatever device you have available.
We see a lot of people making game buying decisions now based on viewing YouTube videos. They do this for a few reasons:
(1) They don’t always trust what they see in trailers, so they simply need to see it played.
(2) Not all games have demos. (Despite the data showing that 96% of gamers value demos to help make their minds up.)
(3) They just don’t find time to register, download, install, patch, play, uninstall just to see if they like something.
We want you to be able to check out every new game that comes out, even if you only have 1 minute of spare time.
We will explain our entire strategy over the next few months.
To be clear, we are not a “walled” gaming service requiring subscriptions, we are a service for publishers to evolve their own digital strategy, to own their own digital customers. We simply provide technology to help them reach a much wider audience than technically possible today.

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