My Game Design Book shipped today!

March 31, 2009 — 1 Comment

The book ended up with 35 chapters, it’s 1040 pages long! It’s a monster!
So I guess it’s the biggest book ever published on Game Design. Or maybe the heaviest.
What is it? It’s really a reference to brainstorm new ideas from. Really. If you take time with it, I promsise it will help you generate new game ideas, characters, weapons, quests, puzzles, etc.
It’s NOT-FOR-PROFIT, so we want the readers to help edit this into Edition 2, so we have a website for that:
The more money it makes, the more it gets given to colleges around the world.
Available at:

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    Congatulations. I just had to stop by and say that Sacrifice was in my opinion the most under rated real time strategy game ever.

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