ID goes Free to Play.

February 25, 2009 — Leave a comment

I’m feeling a lot less crazy these days.
Today ID Software has Quake Live.
EA has Battlefield Heroes coming.
THQ is working on Company of Heroes.
There are a whole slew of game companies gently switching over.
The Asian Market (free-to-play games) is growing faster than ours.
Why is this a good thing?
Because you only pay for games you absolutely love!
Because piracy is dead.
Because Gamestop can’t sell their used games to our customers.
Acclaim was there are the start of this, and we don’t see any of these companies as competition, we are in this together, we see it as a movement, and the game industry is changing. Prices will fall, and we are more than happy to be a catalyst in making that happen.
I’ve not seen a single article mention the fact that ID just became a publisher?

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