ROCKFREE Sneak Peek #2

January 23, 2009 — Leave a comment

Sneak Peek #2 is now live for RockFree. (One of our free browser games from Acclaim.)
Here’s the deal….
Go to ACCLAIM.COM, register and log in.
If you already have an Acclaim account, then just log in.
Go to
It will ask for a special password, type in: SP2009
You can upload Frets on Fire songs, just .zip or .rar the actual files and upload into the song list. There are TONS of Frets on Fire songs on BitTorrent.
As you can see, we’re slowly starting to push Flash harder and harder and have some pretty cool server technology running in the background.
This also allows for USB guitars to be used (or Wireless Guitars if you have a wireless USB adapter.)
This game should be complete and ready to launch in a few months.

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