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The next game I’m releasing as the USA Director is The Chronicles of Spellborn.
The first press previews are starting to appear, tell me what you think?
Acclaim Games Announces New North American Release Date for “The Chronicles of Spellborn”
Acclaim plans Closed Beta for end of November with an official release in January 2009
Los Angeles, CA (November 18, 2008) – Acclaim Games officially updates the release schedule for The Chronicles of Spellborn MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). With additional testing and ongoing game improvements, Acclaim’s release schedule has been updated with Closed Beta testing to begin on November 27 and a new release date scheduled for January 2009. Acclaim’s licensed territories for Spellborn will include North America, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South America.
When the European countries go live on November 27, Acclaim will simultaneously start Close Beta testing in its territories and then go live in January 2009. Both launches will have the exact same product versions featuring identical Freemium models but with a different release date to accommodate additional testing for a smooth official release. Extensive testing of the game will ensure players receive the highest quality gaming experience at launch.
With players around the world eagerly anticipating the launch of Spellborn, the game has undergone some key upgrades to allow more players to participate and enjoy the various features of the online game. In all regions, Spellborn will be a “Freemium” game, with a Free to Play zone and a required premium subscription service in order to access the full game past the Free to Play zone.
The Spellborn game client will be completely free to download and install, and will feature the special Free to Play zone with no time restrictions (only level limit). Key features of this Free to Play zone include the following:
• Free players are limited to the starting zones Hawksmouth and Aldenvault.
• A gameplay limit occurs at Fame level 7, when free players have progressed approximately 90% towards Fame level 8.
• Upon reaching this limit, all character progression is blocked and the player will receive a pop-up informing them of this block and what is obtainable beyond this with a premium subscription.
The following elements will be explicitly blocked:
• Players will be unable to gain Fame in any way or form, frozen at a fixed amount.
• The player will be able to accept quests, but not able to complete any objectives/quests.
• Able to kill mobs, but the player will receive no kill credit. This means, no fame reward, no pep reward and no item reward.
• Unable to travel beyond the zones Hakwsmouth and Aldenvault.
Players who want the full game experience and wish to go past the zone restrictions must purchase a premium subscription option priced at $15 per month to open all game content. This Freemium model will allow many more players to experience the gameplay before choosing the premium subscription to access the full array of game features and content.
Initial feedback from the MMORPG player community has been excellent, and the development team is taking this feedback to make various improvements to the game. According to’s list of the most popular games in the last 30 days, Spellborn is ranked at #3 (while World of Warcraft is at #8)! With hype for the game increasing steadily by the moment, players should be extremely excited to participate in the upcoming Closed Beta so they can see exactly what the Spellborn excitement is all about!
What Lies Hidden, Must Be Found
In The Chronicles of Spellborn players enter an impressive online game world containing scenic landscapes, majestic cities and the remnants of a shattered world. Alone or with a party of friends, PC adventurers step into a fantasy realm consisting of varied shards: habitable pieces of the destroyed world floating in the magical Deadspell Storm. Those who want to prevail in the involving combat of The Chronicles of Spellborn need to apply their mighty arsenal of skills actively with mouse and keyboard. Battles with bloodthirsty creatures, intelligent hostile factions and other human opponents in Player vs. Player battles are waiting. An innovative and tactically challenging combat system with third-person shooter-like controls and a unique rotating Skill Deck provides a breath of fresh air amidst the more traditional MMORPGs. Thanks to a largely extended Unreal Engine 2.5, The Chronicles of Spellborn boasts stunning 3D graphics, spectacular effects and countless elaborate details. More information, images, videos and a beta registration-form can be found on the official website:
About Acclaim Games
Acclaim is a revolutionary company with a familiar name. Three years and 7 million registered users ago, former Activision CEO Howard Marks purchased the Acclaim name looking to revive one of the video game industry’s former giants. With the help of renowned game director David Perry, Marks succeeded. Today, Acclaim offers some of the finest in multiplayer online gaming while using a new, free to play business model. Acclaim strives to offer its users a fun, community-oriented experience with a selection of titles ranging from casual browser games to hardcore MMOs. To learn more, visit

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