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I was asked to do a speech at TED in 2006. It’s an amazing conference I go to every year.
It’s not a typical gaming conference, they want to hear and see stuff you don’t normally see at a video game conference. It’s an audience of big thinkers, business people and scientists, very few gamers.
I was a sick as a dog this day, but you don’t miss out the opportunity to speak at TED. (People like Al Gore are sitting in the audience.)
So I gave the talk, then went back to my room and died. 🙂
I found a handmade video by a student called Michael Highland and was really impressed by him expressing his feelings visually. Turns out Chris Anderson was impressed with the video too and so (after I was done), he told me to give Michael a FREE pass to TED 2007 (worth over $5,000.) So I hooked that up and below is an image of me at TED 2007 with Michael (in the middle) and Louis Castle from EA (on the left.)
It was pretty exciting to get to speak at TED.

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    the video by michael is impressing. especially when you are seeing the games industry not from the inside everyday… great speech, david!

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