Fly Fishing in Northern Ireland

June 1, 2008 — 4 Comments

I need help with the caption for this photo, as you can see I caught a pretty impressive Trout in Northern Ireland.
I certainly won’t be giving up my daytime job.
Thanks for your help Christopher Honour!

4 responses to Fly Fishing in Northern Ireland


    Lol! That’s really a big fish! I’d say the use of Photoshop could help… 🙂


    Heh, nice catch there DP, but I thought I’d give you a little morale boost 😉


    Hey, that’s one more fish than I ever caught, so good job! 🙂 I gotta admit I have lots of patience, but certainly not for fishing. Hell I don’t think I’ve ever even gotten a *bite* the few times I’ve gone in my life.


    Look, I was the one getting married that day! Call that a fish? You should have seen the one I caught! it was THIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS big!!!!! 😉

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