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I’ve recently been working very closely with Flash Game Development teams and am blown away with the complexity Flash games can reach these days. I’m starting to feel that as a game platform (bigger than any other) it deserves more respect!
So what can I do? Well I could do nothing, or I could step up and make some effort myself.
I enjoy being able to do whatever I feel like, so I hired a team to develop a site for fans of flash games, asking them to find the best Flash Game Developers in the world.
We have team members playing thousands of these games right now, games from all around the world. It would be impossible for us to be sure and see every single one in existence, but we want to, so we will have the players help find the ones we missed.
I will partner with major companies to help on making the awards like no other. GameInvestors will help the winners grow by introducing them to some of the top investment and publishing companies in the world, we will do everything we can to help them grow and get the recognition they deserve.
Ultimately the developers will get real awards (from the fans) and I will choose an awards ceremony to work with that will give these people the respect they deserve. (You know how to reach me.)
The site is in development (about 70% complete) and we are going to invite 10,000 people to be the first to get access and test it out.
So if you are a Flash Developer, please make sure to email us a link to your game (so it will be there at launch.)
Just like GameIndustryMap this site will run entirely for free, frankly it’s a community effort and I just want to say thanks to the people on my personal team and the amazing volunteers for making it possible.
On that note, please also make sure to sign up at: so companies can find you.
There will be plenty more information along the way.
David Perry.

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