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March 29, 2007 — 3 Comments

Yes, DANCE is now officially in open beta testing. Some new modes have been unlocked!
There are still things I want to fix, but that’s EXACTLY what’s Open Beta is all about, finding the last ones, before we unlock everying and go into Commercial Release.

Finally the Top Secret servers are running smoothly now too. There’s a lot of conversation going on in there! And yes, ALREADY I’ve seen some ideas I’ve never seen in a driving game before.
We also just passed 25,000 signed up developers. You can see the graph here. (The bump was caused by the Game Developers Conference.)
I’m experimenting with making the game funny. Could that be a possible direction? It’s really hard to do, so I just figure it’s worth spending some of this collective brainpower to see if we can come up with something funny in the racing genre.
This dude has some ideas!
I didn’t know they did naked crash test dummies? I guess they cover everything that happens in cars!
I got sent a quote I made last year:

“As the game industry continues to grow, so does the involvement of its consumers. They’re getting more involved in not just playing, but also helping test, design and steer where major projects are going”

I was talking about a conference for gamers, but heck it sounds a bit like Top Secret to me?

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    Firstly good job on finally launching dance open beta !
    About the top secret project ,I see you got really into the humor type racing game , so all i want to know is this the finally direction . We do need to know what ideas not to suggest that will never come true , because developing them for a lot of time just to know the direction is already picked sounds silly .


    Funny Top Secret
    A crazy game idea i came up with. It was done more for the humor then as a serious submission, though I’ll most likely keep adding to it as I think of things just for the fun of it.


    Theres a lot of humor on the boards already, but they are dwarved by the more serious ideas. Dont worry thou, we can inject a good dose of humor yet! 😀
    p.s after doing a write up of dance on the boards my girlfriend is now addicted to it. Thanks David 😛

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