Congratulations – Denise McMurry – DP CHALLENGE WINNER #3

February 22, 2007 — Leave a comment

Whoa! Denise comes flying in at #3, the THIRD person to finish the DP Challenge!!!
(It’s been running for TWO years now and only three people have managed to complete it.)
Here’s her submission: CLICK HERE
The task involves playing 100 of the best video games of all time, and reviewing each one.
The people that do it, will stand a MUCH better chance in a job interview. They not only have played all the most important games, but they also have clear opinions about each game.
The reason most people don’t complete this challenge is because they don’t want to play certain kinds of games (like maybe they don’t like sports), or they didn’t understand just how big the challenge is.
So Denise now gets a stamp for her resume, were I will personally support her.
She not only has a widespread knowledge of games, but also has the ability to take on a really big (huge) task (no matter how difficult it gets) and complete it.
Congratulations Denise!
David Perry.

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