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I’m a MAJOR fan of this initative… I’ve written to my local politicans (and got a reply), so now it’s your turn!!!
Message to States: Stop Targeting Video Games!
A United States District Judge, Northern District of Illinois ruled on Wednesday that the state of Illinois must pay the video game industry over half a million dollars in attorney’s fees for its unconstitutional effort to enact a law banning the sale of violent video games.
Said ESA President Douglas Lowenstein, “Judge Kennelly’s rulings send two irrefutable messages – not only are efforts to ban the sale of violent video games clearly unconstitutional, they are a waste of taxpayer dollars.â?
In an earlier decision declaring the law unconstitutional, United States District Judge Matthew S. Kennelly forcefully wrote, “If controlling access to allegedly ‘dangerous’ speech is important in promoting the positive psychological development of children, in our society that role is properly accorded to parents and families, not the State.”
Lowenstein said that he hopes this ruling sends a message to policymakers that, instead of squandering taxpayer money on frivolous lawsuits and clearly unconstitutional laws, they should focus their resources on working with the industry to help educate parents about the rating system already in place and in all next generation consoles to help parents make sound choices about the games their kids play
Read the Entertainment Software Association’s press release.
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