E3 Expo 2006

May 10, 2006

Finally the E3 Show is almost here.
This is one of the most difficult shows to get into if you are not an employee in the video game business. (Unless you print yourself a business card and are willing to part with $500 (the cheapest pass!)
Here’s the PRICING.
Even some really key (award winning) industry friends were rejected as not having valid industry credentials.
If you can get in, what can you expect?
Well it’s basically just about every game (from around the world) being shown in a “nearly” or “nowhere near” complete state. Much of it you can see and touch, but (annoyingly) there’s a trend that all the best stuff has controlled access. Meaning you need appointments to see anything at all.
The excuse is generally that they want to control the viewing in a theater setting or something like that. I personally just find it annoying as the reason to go to the show is to trigger a buzz about your game. If 90% of the show never gets to see it, it kinda defeats the purpose.
The speakers they get for the show are generally some of the best around, so if you do pay for a ticket, make sure to check out your favorite developers. Here’s a LIST.
I think my favorite part of the show is the Kentia Hall. This is a massive piece of floor space with completely random companies (many from around the world.) You have NO IDEA what you will see next down there and so it’s a really fun walk around.
Anyway, if you make it in, be sure to say HI if you see me walking around!