DP Joins Advisory Board of the VGXPO

May 6, 2006

Soon to be announced, I’ve just joined the Advisory Board for the Video Games Expo.
I’m already on several advisory boards, this one is quite nostalgic for me.
When I started my career back in the early 80’s, there was a major event in London called the ZX Microfair. I used to fly from Northern Ireland just to go to these things. It’s where you could see and play brand new games, meet a ton of gamers, meet game makers, get great deals etc. I used to come home with a giant bag of swag, and it was definitely one of the things that fueled my passion way back then.
For example, I remember buying games over a fold-up table from RARE when they were called Ultimate Play the Game. These events are always video game history in the making. They even offered me a job back then as a programmer. How different would my career have been if I’d taken that job?
Amazingly the attempts to do the same scale of events in the USA have remained kinda stunted, I’ve had friends try, but nobody has really pulled it off yet, so I’m very happy to see a really serious attempt at getting this going for real. This next one has 60,000 sq feet of space and will include a LAN party.
VGXPO is growing from strength to strength, as it grows, you can expect it to move around the country. The next one is October 27-29 in Philadelphia. I hope to see you there!