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December 23, 2004 — 26 Comments

These first two recommendations are actually programs, not books. To get you started, if you are not a C or C++ programer, don’t give up hope. A good route is by using a pre-built 3D engine, with the BASIC programming language. The reason I recommend Dark Basic is because I have seen some good 3D demos with it, and most importantly there are TONS of examples and people on the Internet to help you.

The second package is the Game Programming Starter Kit, an evolving package, now in version 6.0 If you go that way, be sure to check for the latest version, as over the years, this package gets better and better as they include new tools.

Dark Basic Game Programming Starter Kit

For finding a job in the game industry, Get in the Game was written by a headhunter, a person that deals with video game employment all day long by presenting talent to publishers.

Game Plan is by a guy experienced in hiring talent for a major video game publisher. Break Into the Game Industry is from a respected developer. Game Creation and Careers is from a writer that interviewed lots of industry folks. It’s good to see it from all four sides. Ultimate Game Design is another great resource that covers the basics of design and development.

Get In The Game!
Game Plan
Break Into The Game Industry
Game Creation and Careers
Ultimate Game Design

26 responses to Resources for Beginners


    Great, and thank you so much. I just went Borders and found out this website while I was searching some beginner Game Design books. I have no idea where to start and which book to buy since there are tons of them. It is a big help.


    For beginner developers there are many options: DarkBasic is ok, Blitz3D is nice as well (another basic like game). Then there’s Kaneva Game Platform for MMORPG makers… and many more. is a great place to check engines. These and other links have also appeared in my personal blog ( ).
    One book which I must also recommend: Indie Game Development Survival Guide – explains many things for starting game developers.


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