Game Art, Animation and Audio Books

October 24, 2004 — Leave a comment

Modeling a Character in 3DS Max and Animating Real-Time Game Characters are written by ex-id Software developer Paul Steed. That means you’re getting advice from a real in-the-trenches pro. One note, however, is that the books are focused on using 3D Studio Max from Discreet.

Modeling A Character in 3DS Max

Animating Real-Time Game Characters

2D Artwork and 3D Modeling for Game Artists is for artists wishing to understand the technical side of making artwork for video games. Printed 2002.


Motion Capture has become a key part of video game animation. There are not many good books on the subject, but Understanding Motion Capture for Computer Animation and Video Games is a fine overview of the process. The Animator’s Survival Kit is perfect for those looking to brush up their hand-animation skills.



Game audio is about 50% of the experience. If you are a musican, you should read up all you can, and start with The
Ultimate Guide to Game Audio.


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