Mark Moraes’ Great Big List of 3D Stuff

August 19, 2004 — 2 Comments

Mark Moraes

Hi, you may think that this is the beginning of the article. However I’m writing this as the last part. I spent the past couple of days finding what people would really like to see. With some suggestions from Dave, I went on a long journey, a lot of web browser crashes, and at one point a strange phantom reboot.

Well, I’m back from my searching and I came up with galleries that you can upload your 3D images to tutorials to comparing 3D software prices. There’s also a whole bunch of information relating to traditional animation to stuff you just may like. You might see I have a lot of 3DS Max links. That’s because it was the first 3D program I learned so the links I listed are stuff I know would definitely interest you guys. You can download a free program from Discreet called gMax. Also, I highly recommend to download the Personal Edition of Maya from Alias/Wavefront. Before I fall asleep (I did a major research today), if you like the links that I posted, give me a shout-out at You can also visit my website at

I hope these links will help you out.


  • Toonboomstudio – looks neat
  • Quest3D (3D program – downloadable free version)
  • Strata3D (3D program – downloadable free version)
  • CGTrader (over 120K free and premium 3D models)
  • TurboSquid (Free Downloads – 3D models and more)
  • Openfx (3D program – totally free)
  • 3D Canvas (3D Program – downloadable free version)
  • POV-Ray (Raytracing program – totally free)
  • Moray (Wireframe modeller for POV-Ray 3.x)
  • Terragen (Photorealistic Landscape Rendering software – Free for Non-commercial use)

Tutorials and How-To’s


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