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December 13, 2003

David Perry was the Founder & President Shiny Entertainment, Inc. for over 12 years (bought by Atari), he’s one of the best known Video Game Industry veterans.
29 years later, Perry has developed or programmed over 100 games across 29 video game platforms. All told, Perry’s games (including #1 Hits like The Terminator, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Disney’s Aladdin & Warner’s Matrix projects) have totaled over a billion dollars in retail sales.
Perry sits on the Advisory Board of the Game Developers Conference, Indiecade, VGEXPO, and has spoken at TED, Hollywood and Games Summit, CGDC, MIT, USC, UCI, UCLA, QUB, SXSW, Montreal Game Summit, Digital Hollywood, LA Game Conference, What Teens Want etc.)
In his last position Perry was the Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Acclaim.com, directing multiple MMORPG games, Social Network Games & Casual Titles. Acclaim was one of the first Western publishers to adopt “free to play” gaming with in-game advertising and micro-transactions.
Now Perry is the CEO and co-founder of Gaikai.com, a company that’s developed a cutting-edge video game streaming technology that allows any PC game or application to run in any browser with just one click.
Perry also recently launched a book for students called David Perry on Game Design – GameDesignBook.org (the largest non-profit book on Game Design ever written.)
For his support of students, Perry has recieved congressional recognition, a Fellowship and Doctorate in Engineering from Queens University, and a Masters Degree in Game development from Westwood College.
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