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Photography is my current hobby, I’ve been lucky enough to get training time with some of the world’s best photographers.  (There’s a Canon Experience Center near me.)

So if you are an aspiring model, how do you get a good photographer to take your photo for free?

The answer is “TFP“, it’s a term used which basically means the photographer, stylist, make-up artist & model all work for free so they can use the results in their portfolios.

There are plenty of sites out there like Model Mayhem & MeetUp that will offer countless TFP shoots in your area.  (Your job is to find the best photographers in there.)

What I’ve learned is you just can never take enough shots.  Photographers need to get to a point where they could literally use their camera in the dark, so every adjustment is instant and not distracting to the shoot, and the models need to study what their angles and emotions look like when captured.

I recently shot a very professional model (arranged by Canon), while posing she suddenly ran through a whole set of emotions and boom, then back to normal.  It surprised me at first, but she realized I was shooting high speed, and she knew the best emotions that work with her face, and so it was fun to see someone work that must have done a thousand shoots before.

The point is, just get out there and shoot, then do it again, and again and again.  The pictures will keep getting better for everyone.

Every now and again you’ll meet someone very talented, you’ll form a team and the results make this whole process of Photography really fun.

PS. If you want dramatic shots, don’t be afraid to present your ideas!  It’s a collaboration and the photographer will enjoy the challenge.  (Just collect images up that you love on Pinterest for reference.)  In this photo below, I was challenged by the make-up artist to make a photo that was only red and white.

Original _M5A7842 FN2 - DP EDIT v02 @1080w

So… There’s nothing to stop you becoming a model, just start.