Sangita’s Bench

April 29, 2017 — 1 Comment

I really should be keeping my blog up to date a little better, so here’s a fun woodworking project I made in my workshop.

A friend got married and I offered to make the couple a wedding gift, so after cruising the web Sangita sent me some bench designs she liked, and the size she wanted…  Being me I went for the 3D challenge!

I designed the layout using Vectric Aspire software, then cut it on a ShopBot PRSAlpha CNC machine out of Walnut.  The varnish is Arm-r-seal, which is why it’s so shiny!

I don’t have 30 years to become a master carpenter, so instead I’m using my nerdy tech side to embrace all technologies that can get me moving.

Woodworking is fun.  (They didn’t teach it at my high school in Northern Ireland.)

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    That’s awesome Dave!


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