The History of the Amiga

May 23, 2016 — 3 Comments

Gracious Films have done a meticulous job of revealing the history of the Commodore Amiga.  I’m a big supporter of projects like this that document the history of the video game industry before a lot of the pioneers pass away.

It’s very low cost to watch the (over two hours long) movie when compared to the amount of work and passion that Anthony and Nicola have clearly put into it.


3 responses to The History of the Amiga


    386 , 486 , PC AMSTRAM LOOOL hahahah really good times i have with GWBasic COBOL PASCAL ^^ good times David!!



      I was a GWBasic user too! Used to try making things in GWBasic from around 1985 – 1992 or so, on and off. But I never really understood functions or anything! So I just wrote big IF, GOTO text adventures and drew line and dot drawings. 😀

      Getting half decent at programming finally now with Unity and C#. 😀



    I’ve watched Bedrooms to Billions, and The Amiga Years… both absolutely brilliant! So much fun, so much great info. Can’t wait for their Playstation one!


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