December 16, 2015 — 2 Comments

At the launch of Video Games Live at the Hollywood bowl I was asked to join a group of people to sign autographs.  Beside me was Hideo Kojima and Stan Lee (Spiderman/Marvel etc.)   After some time the line ran out for Stan Lee (a legend in the comic industry) but Kojima-san still had a LONG LINE of people wanting him to autograph everything they had on them.

Stan leaned back and said to me “WHO IS THIS GUY?

He’s Kojima and he’s one of the most respected video game directors of all time.  I have to congratulate Andy House for signing his next project exclusively on consoles for PlayStation.

Enjoy the video…

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    As much as I like MGS, imagine if Kojima created a totally new game instead of yet another MGS.

    I’m super psyched about what he’s going to do now.


    TY DP….appreciate learning about this dynamic person…wow his picture belies his chronological age…expanding my hotizons…best wishes barry

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