Microsoft Cloud Gaming Revealed

October 8, 2018 — 6 Comments

Hehe, it’s so fun to watch all the major video game companies getting behind Cloud Gaming.  Makes me so happy.

6 responses to Microsoft Cloud Gaming Revealed


    So….PlayStation Now??? Good job, MS! lol



      Hehe, I’m loyal to Sony, but I’m excited to see the momentum now with Google, Nvidia, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft all leaning this direction. Our mission was “everything, everywhere, instantly” and I really want to experience that future, not just with movies, books and music, but also video games.



    David what you doing now? I can nothing find on the www.

    Kind regards



    Hi David I’m Alex from Holland. First of all awesome your effort en dedication and artwork for making games..
    I was hooked up on wild 9 and I always wondered if there was gonna come a remake or a sequal of it for these new consoles… I would say it would make me happy to be playing it again and awesome to see how it would turnout compared to the games they make these days… gigs and gigs of memory for just 1 game.. but most are not fun like the wild 9 was and still is…
    If something would come in motion please let me know about it..



      Thanks Alex, we had a lot of fun making Wild 9, this was back in the days when we’d only start a new game when we had a new gameplay idea. It’s why I get excited when I see indie game developers that are willing to take risks, I’m cheering them along!


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