David Perry gets Honorary Masters Degree in Interactive Game Development!

December 17, 2006 — Leave a comment

I’m on a program advisory committee at Westwood College. I’ve been there plenty of times helping students.
I thought nothing of it as it’s fun to meet these guys and see what they’re working on.
I was asked yesterday to give an opening speech for their Graduation Ceremony as it included people getting their video game degrees.
So I do my speech, and leave the stage, then get called back on for a guest speaker plaque, I take that, say thanks and head off stage again.
They call me back again. (I guess the audience is about 500 people, so I feel a little awkward, like I should have known not to go back to my chair.)
They then pull out an Honorary Masters Degree in Interactive Game Development for me!
How cool is that, I believe it’s the first one! That had to piss off the students that worked so hard for theirs!
I also got a “Visiting Fellow in the Creative Industries Award” from Queens University of Belfast in the same month. Someone told me to stop walking on the grass there, to which the response is now… “I’m allowed to!”.
How weird, 24 years in the biz and suddenly two Educational awards in one pop.
Thanks Westwood & QUB, you both rock!

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