VGXPO (Gamers Expo)

October 27, 2006

October 27th-29th
Valley Forge Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA
(David Perry is on the Advisory Board of this Expo.)
America’s VideoGame Expo is a celebration of video and computer games for the avid and casual gamer.
Attendees will have the opportunity to play the newest, coolest games, meet game industry celebrities and legends, compete in tournaments, and buy new and retro games.
“America’s VideoGame Expo promises three days packed full of videogame celebrations,” said Ed Fleming, founder of VGXPO. ” VGXPO is a destination where gamers can come together to celebrate videogames and the culture that games are helping to define.”
VGXPO is a gaming festival that celebrates the positive impact that videogames have had on the US culture since the 1970s. The convention provides a forum for the game industry to celebrate its stars, icons and legends. When a gamer comes to VGXPO he will have the opportunity not just to play & buy the latest games (and the classics) but also have the opportunity to meet the people responsible for their creation.
The following is a sample of some of the events and exhibits that are planned for VGXPO 2006:

  • Exhibitors showcasing the latest games for current and next-generation gaming platforms
  • Conference panels, presentations and discussions
  • Dozens of vendors selling games from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today
  • Halloween costume contests and COSPlay
  • 24-Hour Gaming: non-stop gaming action Friday night through Sunday, featuring the VGXPO Arcade
  • Card Gaming and Table-Top Games
  • BYOC LAN Center
  • Massive gaming competitions and tournaments
  • The second annual VGXPO Lifetime Achievement Award
  • VGXPO Robot Wars
  • Videogame icons, legends and celebrities
  • Battle of the VideoGame Bands contest
  • And much more…